38 weeks… and counting down!



Here we are!! 38 weeks!! the count down has officially begun and people at work are STILL shocked to see me every day. haha yup… stillllllll here!! Baby Cora has 2 more weeks (well, 11 days from today exactly) to cook (unless she decides to make her grand appearance a little earlier.. which would make this mama very happy!).


the weeks have been flying by… it feels like yesterday i was just turning the second trimester corner…. now i’m almost at the finish line!! anxiety and excitement are peaking this week… when will she come?! where will i be? will i be ready?! how bad is it going to hurt… can i do it?! so may questions have been racing through my mind and i just have to keep telling myself (or listening to my friend Natalie tell me) it’ll happen when she’s ready.. not when i’m ready…. haha because i CAN’T PLAN IT! which KILLS me. ha


Another wonderful sonogram this week -My mom (aka: Mimi) joined us on her birthday and it was so wonderful to see Cora’s cute little face! she has some luscious lips and big cheeks!! can’t wait to see her in person! I get another sonogram next week too which is super exciting because they forgot to check how big she was!  Doctor visits have been weekly now for the past 3 weeks (since 36 weeks)… currently i’m only 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. sooooo stuck for the past 2 weeks. been bouncing on a ball at work and doing as much walking as my body will allow me to do. I’ve started swelling this week which is NO FUN at ALL. Not only is my tummy huge but my face, fingers and legs/feet?! ugh, no thaaaank you. i get to wear fancy socks now to help out with that. we talked about what will happen if i go past her due date…. so it made me feel better that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

her movements have drastically slowed down this week…. i can only imagine she’s stuffed in there like a little sausage! i don’t know HOW she can be comfortable.. she can just come out now. ha

Maternity clothes? getting annoyed with them actually. as much as i looooooved them say, last month, this week i feel i have TOO MANY LAYERS, pants that have to go ALL THE WAY UP and support tanks that have to go ALL THE WAY DOWN. just to use the bathroom takes FOREVER.  yoga pants and tshirts sound delightful.
Stretch marks?  believe it or not, i still don’t have any!! fingers crossed it stays that way! still have 2 more weeks.
Sleep: restless legs and  the need to use the bathroom every night at 2am is making sleep a bit tricky… if my legs aren’t restless i’m feeling pretty good and can usually crash pretty quick (and early too!!)
Best moment this week: the sonogram on my mom’s birthday 🙂 Michael hanging some pictures up on the wall and SEEING our BEAUTIFUL maternity pictures done by Lauren Ashley Photography! ugh, melt. my. heart.
Miss anything?  lots lately… beer.. wine… sleeping on my stomach…walking without waddling. ha.. turkey subs… 
Food cravings: nothing too out of the norm this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  still good.
Weight Gain: ugh. 39 lbs. help me.
Labor signs: contractions, 80% effacement and 1cm dialated (still…) – lots of pressure, less movement
Symptoms: restless legs at night time, contractions, lots and lots of pressure, swelling…..blah. just look at my face in these pictures!! haha
Belly button in or out? out and about!
Happy or moody most of the time: more moody than not- but i’ve been keeping my composure.
Looking forward to: MEETING our BABY GIRL!❤ C’MON CORA!! ❤ ❤ 



36 weeks.. and 9 MONTHS PREGGERS!!


oh em gee – we made it! i’m officially 9 months pregnant!!!!! 🙂 my mood is more positive even and i am just getting SO excited to meet my sweet little girl. This week we got to see a 4d ultrasound of our beautiful little lady and Michael and i were blown away. She has cheeks!! and a cute little nose. and looks just like her daddy (we think!?) !! I love hearing Michael talk about how excited he is to have her here.. for her to be born. our life will never ever be the same and i’m so ready for it.

This week, my sciatic pain is GONE. gone gone gone gone gone. almost cancelled PT! you’d think it’d get worse as she gets bigger but HEY, i am NOT complaining! SEE-YA! buuu bye.. adios. don’t let the door hit-cha on the way out. TOOTLES!! i honestly feel “normal” with a big belly (minus the waddling… haha)

This week, Vera (my almost 2yo niece) started to connect baby cora (or “chura” as she says) to my belly.. she was rubbing it and is so excited to meet her baby cousin. this. was my highlight of the week. she also likes to mock me and walk around with her hands on her back saying “big belly” haha- she’s a character. ha

We have a lot of LEARNING going on this week (better late than never…)- We have our Hospital Labor/Delivery class on Saturday and our Breastfeeding class on Monday! We’ll be well educated going into our 37th week!!!



we also had a fun visit to the hospital on Friday, October 14th (my dad’s birthday!!). Having some serious contractions. super hard tummy all day… thought it was the real deal! Went to the doctor’s office and they sent us to the hospital. False alarm …. the contractions weren’t progressing labor and they thought i was dehydrated (i dont know HOW but i must have been). but either way, it would have been a little early for her anyways.. whatever is best! But we were ready!! (minus the fact that we had our birthing class at the hospital the following day  and our breastfeeding class the following monday!!) We feel more prepared now. 🙂


Maternity clothes?  indefinitely
Stretch marks?  still nothing. constantly checking tho!!
Sleep: ugh – sleep is harder this week. constantly getting up to go to the bathroom and my legs are SUPER restless right when i feel tired enough to lay down. constantly shifting and moving…
Best moment this week: our sonogram when we got to see our little peanuts face!! she’s so cute.
Miss anything?  not being pregnant…. is that ok to say?! lol
Food cravings: beef stew!! omg, i don’t know why!
Anything making you queasy or sick?  nope!
Weight Gain: too much i feel….. at this last appointment i had gained almost 30. YIKES. 😦
Labor signs: contractions, 80% effacement and 1cm dialated (37 weeks 0 days) – lets go lady!
Symptoms: restless legs at night time, contractions, lots and lots of pressure. 
Belly button in or out? out and about!
Happy or moody most of the time: moody…. definitely. 
Looking forward to: MEETING our BABY GIRL! ❤


34 weeks…and meh.


oh 34 weeks.. how i lothe you. I am so grateful to be 34 weeks pregnant. and healthy. but let me tell you. this was THE WORST week of my pregnancy…. my sciatic nerve had a vendetta  against me this week and holy smokes- i was down for the count. it all started on my drive to work on Monday (my last technical day in my 33rd week). Felt little Cora moving around and pressing up against my hip bone (right side). Just thought how overactive she was this morning and kept on going. As SOON as i got out .. i mean.. attempted to get out of the car… i could feel the pain. i hobbled my way into work, still mobile but definitely hurting. Work made it worse and when Tuesday came, i was in ridiculous amounts of pain- getting “stuck” places because i couldn’t put my foot down, or sit down. or move bc the pain was so bad. Wednesday (when i wrote the previous blog post) i called in to take a day for myself… Thursday was still rough but i had PT that afternoon. Something shifted in PT and Friday i was on the up-and-up. Saturday, Sunday, and monday i felt so much better!! SO maybe the whole ’34 week’ wasn’t a total mess… but the beginning definitely was!!! (clearly the photos were taken at the end of the week- when i was in better spirits 😉 )



Maternity clothes?  in my fall attire.. horray!!! no longer looking to purchase any more – focusing on the nursing part and purchasing some tanks and bras.
Stretch marks?  still nada. 
Sleep: my favorite time!! no issues here – besides the occasional getting up in the middle of the night to pee
Best moment this week: going to PT and getting a break from the pain!!! 🙂 Dare i say almost back to normal?!
Miss anything?  stomach sleeping. for sure- still.
Food cravings: cookies.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  nope!
Weight Gain: only gained .03 lbs since my last entry. food is not actually that appetizing this week.
Labor signs: TONS of movement – some braxton hicks
Symptoms: PUPS is gone (thank goodness!!) and sciatica pain is better! dare i say i feel…..normal?! with a huge belly of course. ha
Belly button in or out? out and about!
Happy or moody most of the time: moody…. definitely. 
Looking forward to: our 36 week appointment where i get to see you in an ultrasound! ❤ 
PS: I’m also SUPER behind on this and writing this in my 36th week! eek. oops.

Pregnancy and pain at 34 weeks

Warning: venting is in full mode in this post… just need to let it all out. 

34 weeks 1 day today. 5 weeks 6 days to go….

As I sit.. here.. twitching and wincing in pain… trying to find any position that deems comfortable for me.. i think about how this is something im sure my mind will suppress once i see my beautiful little daughters face. It’ll all be worth it. This…i can only imagine.. is only an OUNCE of pain compared to what im about to feel in the few short weeks to come. This absolutely terrifies me ha…

You see.. I am one of the lucky ones. I have been hit with some serious sciatic nerve pain issues. Its been on and off for maybe 1 month now. As soon as i hit my 3rd trimester…BAM… gunna make it harder for me to walk, sit, brush my teeth (leaning over the sink), work and do my job effectively (which makes me feel even MORE useless… meh), and pretty much anything that doesn’t involve standing still in one spot.. or sitting. For the on the go… independent.. i got this.. let me do it.. kind of person i am, this is SO HARD for me.  I absolutely hate having to ask for help or take breaks because i just simply cant…Cant do it.

To help with this pain ive been going to see a PT recommended by my OB. It seems to help and wish the budget would allow me to go more often.. but it’s not cheap, even with insurance.

So basically im just writing this post for myself. Maybe the next time around I can somehow prepare my body for this third trimester “gift” lol.

And i had to call into work today because i couldn’t walk last night or really move for that matter for a good 20 some minutes. Tears were flowing and pain was shooting down my leg. Thank god for michael. So patient and understanding.. just knew what to say and do to make me feel better.. reminding me how strong i am and that i got this. I just love him… oh …and im frustrated that i needed to use a PTO day to…recover. glad i did though because i am moving SLLLLOOOOOWWWWW today, if at all. And there’s just NO way id be of any help to any teacher team or child today.

Recovering in my jammies. 34 weeks pregnant.

Happy Wednesday… resting and recovering. Cant wait to meet my little one.

32 weeks…and all belly!

32 weeks! oops. i missed a week……. might be the trend for the 30’s haha.

Feeling pretty good… sciatica will be the death of me. i swear…

getting bigger and the weather is not cooling down in the slightest… i’m alllll done with summer ha.

We were car shopping the past few weeks and now we decided the best decision for US as a family (still so crazy to think!!) is to stop car shopping and wait until we really feel ready for that financial commitment. just not ready to make that plunge yet.

we were also shopping for pediatricians. haha who’da thought that was a thing!! We went to 2 that were both recommended from friends of mine and quite honestly i loved them both. they both have their pro’s and con’s and i do think we’re going to go with the one that’s a little farther away- Michael’s top choice…… just not a battle i want to fight with him about haha. she will get the best care i’m sure anywhere.. to be honest, i’m going for it because at the other pediatrician, it’s a left turn out onto a busy street (no median. and two lanes). When i left there, i was thinking to myself.. omg if i had her in here (well i did but in a car seat) i would be SO nervous pulling out of here with an INFANT! ugh. sooooo that’s it. lol the other one is like 10 minutes more of a drive away … ah well. whatever. we can always switch.


Maternity clothes?  ready to wear my fall stuff BUT this WEATHER is not cooperating! boo.
Stretch marks?  still nothing!!🙂 horray!
Sleep: still waking up at least once a night but over all sleeping pretty soundly! 🙂
Best moment this week: Grove City! felt super great to walk around (even tho i was DYING the next day from the 3 hour car ride (one way). AND i got Cora a whole bunch of stuff, and by stuff i mean clothes. ha
Miss anything?  sleeping on my stomach…😦 being able to crack by back.
Food cravings: give me all the ice cream.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  nope!
Weight Gain: gained 25 lbs … CRAZY
Labor signs: TONS of movement!
Symptoms: sciatica nerve pain like WHOA. oh and i’ve aquired a lovely rash this week all over my stomach and breasts. it was great over the weekend- couldn’t stop scratching and itching. and of course when i get to the doctor’s it’s all better. they think it’s PUPS…. so there’s that.
Belly button in or out? oh we’re out now..
Happy or moody most of the time: eh. let’s go with moody. lots of frustration due to this nerve pain… 
Looking forward to: being a mommy

30 weeks… and 75% done!


10. more. weeks. UNREAL!? how- where… has the time gone?! I’m writing this (and took the picture) on my LAST day in my 30th week… needless to say, she is growing JUST fine in my tiny frame.

had our 30 week doctor appointment. Nothing significant… growing and healthy (which is actually very significant…) ! Her heart is 140 bpm and apparently my belly is growing right on track. weight gain is looking normal too (the number is so shocking to see!!). I got “one or two babies?” this week… so that was nice…. (note: sarcasm). my belly is getting big and there’s nothing i can do about it! she has no room but to go OUT. 😉 and OUT she is going. ha

every day i think about life with a baby- what will it be like, what will she look like. the count down has begun!!

i’ve also been in FULL NESTING MODE. not sure if its the pregnancy or just my need to organize… i’ve tackled our linen closet and our cup – cupboard. haha nice and organized. working on the nursery OBVIOUSLY and organizing all of the wonderful gifts we received from the shower and all of her beautiful clothes! freaking out slightly because of the absences of a glider…. but mike and i found one on Wayfair that fits our budget (the one i want is seriously… 500… and to deliver it, BrU charges an additional $100 DELIVERY surcharge….. no way. gimme a break.) so wayfair it is. hopefully its nice and comphy!


Maternity clothes?  ive moved on to wearing some of mike’s clothes (t-shirts) at times when i feel i could use a little extra room. 😉 and im HATING this heat. i am ALLL DONE. high 80s for the rest of this week and i’m not looking forward to it…. ALL of my tanks are too small lol and i have maternity t-shirts.. thats it. so i hope everyone at work is ready for the cycle of clothing. ha
Stretch marks?  still nothing!! 🙂
Sleep: waking up about 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom….. She wont let me lay on my right side the past two nights (kicking SUPER hard to the point that it startles me).. so i move to my left….. and stay there .. meh
Best moment this week: organizing!! 🙂 and labor day with my family. OH and Mike working on our doors (he installed front and back door and we’re SO close to having them be done.. THANK GOD)
Miss anything?  sleeping on my stomach… 😦
Food cravings: nothing crazy this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  nothing 🙂 
Weight Gain: gained 21 lbs so far! can not believe it. that was all i wanted to gain the entire pregnancy. guess that’s out the window!! 
Labor signs: no labor signs just yet – feeling lots of movement and stretching and kicks to my hips and ribs. she’s so nice 😉 
Symptoms: still feeling the sciatica nerve pain but definitely not as much this week since i started Physical Therapy… ICE ICE BABY
Belly button in or out? still gunna say it’s an inbetweenie… but when wearing a shirt without a tank, it’s an outtie. 
Happy or moody most of the time: happy this week.. more so excited and anxious about what is to come.
Looking forward togetting through the work week next week and enjoying the weekend.
until next week ❤

29 weeks… and showered with love

29 weeks!! First week off of work for summer… AND IT IS BABY SHOWER WEEK!

the moment i’ve been anxiously excited for!! it was such a wonderful time having friends and family all together showering mike, Cora, and i with love. she is so spoiled already!! Krista, my mom, and my aunts did a FANTASTIC job organizing and hosting the shower. It was everything i could have wished and dreamed of and more. It was all blush pink and white, the flowers were BEAUTIFUL… the decor.. amazing. my mom worked really hard on the cupcakes and my sister made little toppers for them! Just so adorable. Everything was PERFECT. ❤ 

29 weeks-1                   29 weeks-3


some pictures from the shower: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


so far i’ve been feeling better this week. my back has been a little better up until the shower day (i wore heels. what was i thinking!?) and the day after. BUT i’ll take it bc i felt FABULOUS. haha


29 weeks-4


Maternity clothes?  still rocking them!! almost on to mike’s T-shirts for bed. ha
Stretch marks?  i feel like its a ticking time-bomb. gunna happen! just dont know when?!
Sleep: HORRIBLE towards the end. mind going a thousand miles a minute… back aching after the shower and just cant seem to get comfortable. :(. Lucky for me, i’m on break so i can sleep in a little bit. ha
Best moment this week: the baby shower!! ❤ being surrounded by my wonderful family and friends and showering our little lady with so much love.
Miss anything?  missing being able to reach for things without my tummy getting in the way!
Food cravings: FRUIT LOOPS!!! ugh and i have yet to fulfill this craving.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  mikes blueberry vapor nasty stick.
Labor signs: just lots of movement. feeling her on my hip bone!
Symptoms: lots of movement, kicking and punching in the morning and at night time. 
Belly button in or out? still considering it an inbetweenie. it’s not totally out and it’s def not in.
Happy or moody most of the time: happier this week! being off from work can do wonders for the mood ha
Looking forward to: my next doctor’s appointment! (Wednesday)
until next week! ❤

28 weeks…and hello third trimester.

oh well hello there third trimester!

how’d you get here so quick?! i am SHOCKED that we’re 2/3 of the way done.

it feels like yesterday i was staring at a test >> PREGNANT << …  just so incredibly crazy.

28 weeks-2

some lovely third trimester symptoms that are rearing their ugly head….. SCIATICA PAIN. oh dear lord… some days are way better than others but this week it hit me like a TON of bricks.. or really, like sciatica pain. lol i could barely walk at some point it hurt so bad. i have a feeling for the next 11 weeks it’ll be a lovely visitor – coming and going as it pleases… well, it’s not welcome. goodbye please!

 some wonderful third trimester symptoms….. the kicks!!! oh the kicks. they are now to the point where i feel like i can tell its her foot… holding my hand on my belly and feeling her kick me – and feeling a foot. INSANE. but so wonderful. my favorite is mikes reactions ❤

28 weeks-1

Mike and i worked on the nursery some more (and by mike and i, i mean mike… and i supervised…ha). He put in another bar/wire rack for another row of clothes… and he put together the “bookcase” that we finally agreed upon. All i need are those cute little storage bins .. i have my wall art in place – ready to be hung by mike and i feel like my goal of having the nursery “ready” before my shower has been accomplished. One more row for clothes in the closet and i’m one happy mama.

holy moly…. i’m going to be a mom in 11ish short weeks!! what will she look like?! WHO will she look like?! (probably mike… ha). What kind of baby will she be?! it’ll be here before i know it. i am so excited to meet my sweet little baby girl.

how’s my 28th week?! ….


Maternity clothes?  may or may not have purchased some lovely long-sleeved tops… and some cute sweaters. can you tell i’m in the mood for fall?!
Stretch marks?  still nothing…. >>knock on wood<<
Sleep: surprisingly well with this sciatica pain.. had a few nights where i hardly even moved!! you know, when you fall asleep in one position and wake up in the EXACT same spot?! yup, that happened…. TWICE this week!
Best moment this week: Monday’s weather. low-mid 70’s and felt like fall. AND first monday on break. (it’s when i took this picture…. made me want pumpkin spiced everything, new boots, some scarves and sweaters- where’s my pumpkin latte candle?!) oh, and FINALLY finding sneakers that i LOVE!! my back is thanking me one cushioned step at a time.
Miss anything?  ive diminished the craving for deli meat with this DELICIOUS chicken breast sub from Joe’s Panini Grill on Delaware.. it’ll do- thanks to Natalie 🙂
Food cravings: see above. ha
Anything making you queasy or sick?  i got nothing 😉
Labor signs: not much.. she still has a whole 1/3 of a pregnancy to cook. ha the braxton hicks contractions have stopped 🙂
Symptoms: sciatica nerve pain like whoa
Belly button in or out? we have an inbetweenie.?!
Happy or moody most of the time: moodier this week. but mostly due to pain and frustration that i can’t do as much as i used to… which is hard for me.
Looking forward toMY BABY SHOWER this Sunday!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 cant wait to see all my friends and family.
hoping the third trimester is good to me. ❤

27 weeks …and bu-bye 2nd trimester


what?! this is my LAST week in my second trimester… i really enjoyed it!! i’m sad to see it go – BUT – looking forward to meeting my little lady, which means i must move on. and get larger. ha

this week i’ve been feeling better but my sciatica keeps me on my toes… and by on my toes i mean limping and in pain, off of my toes. this peanut keeps growing and my back is saying oh no thanks. trying to take it slow but it’s just sooo hard!

i registered us for our Saturday birthing class/maternity tour at the hospital! it’s gettin real. – class isn’t until October but still!!

How far along? 27 weeks!!
Maternity clothes?  LIVING in them… t’s, pants…. whatever – debating on fall items. ha
Stretch marks?  negative! nothing yet!
Sleep: sleeping pretty comfortably – just using my target body pillow and trying as hard as i can not to flip over onto my back.
Best moment this week: positive comments from everyone at the wedding we attended over the weekend.
Miss anything?  deli meat- lol been craving a DiBella’s turkey sub.
Food cravings: see above. ha
Anything making you queasy or sick?  still going strong with this one.. nothing!
Labor signs: braxton hicks every once in a while. not as much as last week (thank god).
Symptoms: sciatica nerve pain, swollen feeties at the end of the day..
Belly button in or out? still in, half of it likes to try to stick out ever so slightly .. so inbetweenie?!
Happy or moody most of the time: been a little more moody this week… hoping that stops. lol
Looking forward to: my last week of work then 2 weeks of vacation- procrastinating with removing all of my books and supplies from my classroom however. they’re just so heavy!
overall, a successful second trimester for the books. 🙂

26 weeks… and fixing EVERYTHING

26 weeks-226 weeks-1

here we are at 26 weeks! lots of fun things happening.. i should call this week “home improvement week”.

Mike and i upgraded our furnace from the 1970’s AND we added an AC unit. oh, we are LIVING the DREAM ladies and gents. the. dream. we also installed (and when i say “we” i mean, michael did it all and i complimented him on how well he did, and maybe got him a bevy or 2) our front door that’s been camped out in our garage since March. 🙂 Things are finally coming together. Got our dresser from Babies “r” us delivered… that was an experience in itself!! But thank goodness that’s over and the nursery feels more like a nursery! it is CRAZY. just crazy… to think.. that in 13 weeks a little lady will be living with us… like, we went from just the 2 of us to now 3 people… mind. blown.

As far as pregnancy goes.. still on this lovely emotional roller coaster they call hormones. Making me cry at a drop of a hat, or better yet- get real snippy and not so pleasant. oops… sorry. i’m hot. and pregnant. ok!? 🙂  I’ve been feeling her move way more this week. She’s been SUPER active, and at the times where i’m trying to sleep…. Mike felt her do a few somersaults a few times and i just love his expressions. Belly button update: seems to be an in-betweenie now. can’t decide if it’s coming out or stayin’ cozy…. i’ll be ok if it stays right where it is… ha.
Towards the end of the week her movements kind of slowed down. I stopped feeling her so much during the day and just a few flutters when i was sitting or had just had something to eat. But i was still feeling her so not to worry (i hope?!).

This week was an absolute scorcher. and i’m starting to wish for fall – not only will i get to meet my lady in the fall buuuuut it’s also my favorite time of the year.. crisp air, sweaters, boots, apple and pumpkin EVERYTHING.. and of course the beer but i’ll have to wait until next year to enjoy that.

that’s all for now! xo