My July | Project 365

wowza. July is already over?!

i find that i’m enjoying this project more and more lately –

honesty time: i need to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve been trying my very hardest to take my camera wherever i go – for those wonderful photo op moments that i frequently have been finding myself say “ugh! I wish i had my Nikon!!” and settling for my iPhone (good… not great). I’m really trying to take more photos and not care what people are thinking (in my head, they all think im weird – snapping pictures of random (fill in the blank). Why would she need a picture like that?! well. i’ve decided for august. i don’t care what they think!

my goals:

+ get out there, go places! take the trusty Nikon!!
+ do more Pinterest tutorials. – want to try new things with my camera, with editing…
+ find photos that inspire me and analyze them. WHY do i like them? What is it i love about them…

ok, enough with my ‘blah blah blah’ moment (this is a blog btw…haha)

here’s my JULY! <drum roll please>

File Aug 02, 1 13 53 PM

here are a few of my favorites from this month (up close and personal):

182-under-my-feet.wmonday’s are for yoga…


193-yikes.wthis one ^^ got a feature on instagram!!! @our_everyday_moments picked this photo !! ❤


203-one-word.w^^probably my favorite flower pic so far.


208 homemade

208-light3.w^ok, this is a close first as well ❤ haha

and a few from The Cutting Room Floor:

184-blurry3.w Blurry2

185-stars-and-stripes2.w 191 favorite snackfavorite snack

194 summer funsummer fun<3

195 sleepy2sleepy.
208 lightlight.

thank you again for all who follow my blog. follow me on Instagram (@shaynab) for daily photos!!! xo

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my June | project 365… and a few that didn’t make it

WOW. 181 days.. DONE.. 6 months in. Where has the time gone?!

I am loving this project more and more now at the half way point. I am so ready for July!! Got myself a new camera bag – and a new camera lens ❤ hey, nothing like a little retail therapy when some inspiration is needed!!

My June | Project 365

there’s my month!! Some i adore WAY more than others- but that’s life! and thats the way it goes…

Below, i’m going to feature some pictures that either i am ABSOLUTELY in love with from this month, orrr… didn’t make it!!! I always have 2 or 3 some days that i choose from. My trusty boyfriend helps me pick the best one when i can’t decide myself.. so i want to shine light on them too!!

From the cutting room floor


File Jun 30, 5 17 00 PMmy new Kelly Moore bag ❤ and fresh cut flowers.. can’t get much better than that!!!






And… a few favorites from this month:







154 - in motion.w


bu bye march … it’s been real.

90 days in….

i can NOT believe i’ve completed 90 days of this photo challenge. I was so excited on day one of the project… and i am still excited.. when the prompt list comes out for the upcoming month – looking through, getting ideas…

my theme for this month has to be “purple flowers” – i was mildly obsessed with the flowers i was finding at Trader Joe’s and ironically they were all pink or purple… i needed to brighten up my little living space!!! And, since they were just so pretty – i had to use them in a few of my prompts… well a lot of them… ha

honestly around day 80 – my creativity went meh… i felt like i had taken a picture of everything in my house – in every place that has nice lighting.. and i was getting bored of it!! i started looking on pinterest (of course) to help boost my creativity… started reading blogs about boosting creativity.. Also!! I’m MOVING SOON so that means, NEW LOCATIONS!! 🙂 NEW LIGHT! 🙂 wahoo!! annnnnnd the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up so i’ll be able to get out more and enjoy nature (and document as well…obviously).

this month, i dont LOOOOVE all of them, i definitely have my few march favorites… but as i grow as a photographer i’m learning what works/what doesn’t work.. what i like and dont like AND WHY.. and how i can change that in the next photo.

bring it on April… ❤

March Photo 365

my [ F E B R U A R Y ] <3

My February  ❤

february of photos

February 2015 – Project 365

Another month bites the dust! Looking at all of these photos, i can not believe i even took some of these. I am learning so much about myself and my photography! Lighting, angles, depth. ❤ gah i love it all!! I can honestly say that i love each and every photo I took this month.. Last month, i don’t think i could say that…

This month the prompts were a little more challenging, like the Marco Prompt. uh, hellooo- i dont own a marco lens, nor was i going to go out and buy one.. but! I figured out how to make it work! and i was super proud of that…

another challenging one of me was “hidden”… how in the world was i supposed to take a picture of something “hidden”.. uh, it’s hiiiiiding…. so yeah… that was a little challenging for me but i made it through and i got a cute little snuggly picture of my pup.

I am really looking forward to getting OUTSIDE and taking pictures… haha when my fingers don’t feel like they’re going to freeze right off.. so hopefully i’ll be able to do that in march ❤ white snow is becoming a bit redundant in my pictures. ha and let’s face it – in my life. haha

I am proud of myself for completing 59 days worth of a photo challenge. taking it one day at a time… but 306 pictures to go! I cant wait to see how my photography improves in just another month.

cheers to February! March…here i come!


046 | 365.


water droplet on pink carnation

water droplet on pink carnation

Let me just start this with….I do NOT have a Macro Lens. I actually only have 2 lens’ for my camera… my “kit” lens (…meh) and my 35mm Nikon Nikkor prime lens (got the 35 instead of the “nifty fifty” because of my cropped sensor on my Nikon d5300). SO anyways… i saw today’s prompt was “macro” and i panicked…. how am i supposed to take a Macro photo without a Macro lens?! AHH!

well… Pinterest saved me.. again..

I found THIS … and oh my goodness i can NOT believe the photos i was able to achieve. Of course i had to completely plant my arms on something and stop breathing while taking the photos.. but holy cow.. i took some pretty great pics using my “poor mans” macro lens 😉

THIS is why i love this project.. not only to document each and every day but to LEARN more.. make myself TRY this macro lens trick.. and achieve what i’d consider some pretty decent photos for a first timer!

The first picture was my favorite, but it was so hard to just pink ONE… soooo, i’ve created a gallery below of the 4 other pictures that i also really liked… a lot… so click below and scroll through!


January 2015

January 2015 – CHECK!

334 days to go!

I can NOT believe i’ve completed 31 days of my project 365.

Just this month i have learned so much about photography. Some of my FAVORITE pictures are of the last 2 weeks. I really tried to make the pictures clean and classy… less clutter – more light.

I have gotten some great constructive criticism from some photographers – i learned not to ever compromise on shutter speed – like in my Jumping picture.. (which is my FAV and my desktop picture now haha) for light. I’ve been learning to adjust my shutter speed/iso/aperture with ease… sometimes not even having to take a test shot!! I learned more about leading lines..

I also tried focusing on what I LOVE to photograph. the sky.. my puppy, coffeeeeeee. I’ve learned more about my camera as well.. I’m becoming way more comfortable on Manual – not so worried about getting a blurry photo and more about lighting and angles. I want to take my Nikon with me EVERYWHERE lately… don’t get me wrong. i love my iPhone but it doesn’t get the kind of picture I want! I have to learn to be more comfortable with taking my Nikon out in public… disregarding “looks” or even just the thought of “oh man, people are looking at me… they probably think i’m weird for taking these pictures…”.. i have to learn to just not care! haha

Some of my favorite pictures from this month include any with my Niece, the fireplace, my outdoor pictures (the tree/snow picture, GI Bridge, and the cloud picture).. my jumping picture….I’m going to try to use my tripod more and set it up around the house to get different angles/perspectives.

I cant wait to see what February brings ❤ Thank you all for your kind words.



January 2015

what inspires me.

26 | 365.


Pops of color in this white blizzard of a day. I love to be inspired by the colors in the sky, clouds, sunsets. Surprisingly, anything in nature seems to get me to say “wow! I wish I had my Nikon” or “oh- i NEED to take a picture of this, now”. (Surprising because those of you who know me – know that i am outdoorsy in that i like to drink on the porch, or lay out in the sunshine in the summer. 😉 )

I really am inspired by my Nikon. my new prime lens. I love LEARNING all about my camera, what i can make it do – the pictures i can get. I surprise myself sometimes! I feel so inspired DAILY by everyone in >>the bethadilly challenge<<. Everyone is so positive and encouraging! Love to look at everyones picture of the day and see how they portrayed the prompt.

I really just love learning – i’m inspired when i see a photo i love and figuring out how they did it, what angle did they use to take the picture, what kind of lens did they use? How can i get my pictures to be sharp, crisp, clear… I love growing and learning more and more about not only my camera, but myself!

This 365 day challenge is inspiring – gets me to want to pick up my camera, go out there and find something to take a picture of! Some of them i think about all day and when I get home – BOOM – take it, one and done. Others, i take a few… edit… still not happy and POP! something comes into my head and the last picture, one i never even thought about- turns into my favorite picture!

Inspiration. Found everywhere yet so hard to explain every little thing that inspires you! There are just so many layers.

happy clicking! ❤


pink flowers in the snow

pop of color amidst the white snow

starts with { j }

12 | 365


First off, let me just say that I have THE best boyfriend. ever. end of story. NOT ONLY did he pick me up from the Auto shop after work today – but he was more than happy to JUMP into the snow with me – about 50 times. lol. ok, maybe 10. By picture number 4, we were having a BALL! haha

SO – Since i saw this prompt, this is what i have been planning on doing.. jumping. As the day unfolded – i felt there may not be enough light to capture my vision. So Michael and I were brainstorming. “jars” he said. Instantly i thought of the Mason Jars i have on my kitchen table – “that’ll do”…..

but then i thought about it…12 days in to my year long challenge and the purpose of this whole thing is to grow as a photographer.. not just take pictures of mason jars (which – there is nothing wrong with taking pictures of mason jars – i just wanted to push myself). So, out we go. Tripod in hand… I knew i needed to set my shutter speed high – and my ISO higher since it was getting dark out (and i do not want to use artificial light).. so i set it and thought nothing of it..

once our session was over- i realized that my shutter speed didn’t have to be as high as it was and i could have lowered it to 1/500 to get a lighter shot. darn. i got a few of the dog in a lighter exposure but by then the tripod was packed up and we were all done jumping, we got the shot… i figured that’s what LightRoom is for.. right?! 😉 (which i have to say, i’m happy w the edit but i feel its a bit gritty – didn’t want to lose the detail in the 2 of us, but the background could be better -) #learning.

so, michael reminded me this is the point of this project. to learn.

happy jumping! ❤


starts with j - jump. jumping in snow

feet, leaves, boots, winter,

Mission: Manual

Ever since I got my DSLR camera (which has only been a month ago..) – I’ve been reading about how Auto is a big “no-no” in the photography world. Sure, having the camera on Auto can take wonderful pictures – but on Manual, you have more control of the camera. So – what have I been doing?! Pinterest. and more Pinterest… I am teaching myself how to shoot on Manual mode from Pinterest and all the lovely photographers out there that are willing to help. Pinning and reading blog after blog, how-to after how-to. Really – practice makes perfect. So! I put on my winter furry boots, pack up my pooch and my man – and off we go on this chilly 37 degree day to practice. Time to put all of what I have read to use. Unfortunately – it wasn’t really until the end of our little outing (and before the cold finally got to my battery) that it clicked….(no pun intended). Still have a long way to go before mastering manual but I think I’m starting to understand it.

Here are the pictures from the day 🙂 I hope you enjoy them!
Special thanks to Michael ❤

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